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Lo probé muy rápido y no me sorprendió. Lo que no entendí es para que tienen una redirección, se ve que quieren mostrar algo antes del timeout. La diferencia parece ser que no tiene links a páginas muertas, pero a veces es mejor tener un caché que eso. En fin, para distintos usos...

Ellos dicen que:

Compared to other search engines Orase offers you the following:

No dead links
There are no results with hyperlinks to pages that exist no longer ("dead links").

High relevant websites
Orase finds very many websites that really contain many information about your wanted subject. So you get information faster and more reliable.

No spam
There are (almost) no sites shown as results which contain only bad content like dialers, only advertising, etc. So you can find contents even faster and more secure in the Web.

Correct sorting
The results are sorted by relevance, and the sorting is correct everytime. That means, that real good websites are displayed earlier, worse