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Icerocket Search Engine Offers Searches by E-Mail

** Icerocket Search Engine Offers Searches by E-Mail

I saw a news article about Icerocket -- it must be
several months ago now, and I think it was in the
Las Vegas Business Journal. At any rate, when I
went to check on it there wasn't much there. In
the last couple days I have been hearing more
Icerocket buzz so I went to check them out. To use
at least one of the features you'll have to use

Icerocket, as you might expect, is available at
http://www.icerocket.com . It's a meta-search
engine, but unfortunately though its "About" page
says it searches " WiseNut, Yahoo, MSN, Teoma,
Altavista, Alltheweb, Lycos, and many more" it
doesn't get more specific than that. Further, the
news search, from what I'm seeing from the
results, doesn't do meta-searching but rather
searches large sources (USA Today, MSNBC, etc.)

The cool thing is that you can do these searches
via e-mail. Send your search to an e-mail address
(the address depends on whether you want to search
for news, pictures or Web pages -- see
http://www.icerocket.com/c?p=emailsearch for more
details) and you'll get the results back via e-
mail . Nice.

(Read the entire review at
http://www.researchbuzz.org/archives/001910.shtml .)